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Les ressources du lundi #6

C’est la rentrée, ou presque. Alors, reprenons de bonnes habitudes. Voici les ressources de ce lundi 20 août 2012.

22 hilarious animated gif images that will definitely make you laugh… or not

Everybody loves animated .gif images right ? I mean why wouldn’t you ? They kinda remind us of those pseudo 3-d images from our childhood and that makes us giggle. […]

30+ Creative Examples of Packaging Design for Inspiration

Having good product packing is essential when trying to sell a new product, here’s a collection of highly creative examples of Product Packaging ranging from various products from alcohol to food packaging. All of these designs are exceptional and help the product stand out from the crowd ! […]

Collection of Hand-Drawn Websites for Your Inspiration

Inspiration is a vast power and it’s a unending method, this can be very true for anyone concerned within the arts. With the proper inspiration, you actually will accomplish something. Here, we are going to showcase some terribly stunning Hand-Drawn Websites for your inspiration. […]

10 Fabulous Examples of Hang Tag Design

Did you know that having great hang tag design is a vital branding strategy for clothing and consumer product brands ? Hang tags not only serve the purpose of displaying product info, but can greatly enhance the emotional attachment customers have with your products. […]

Showcase of Incredible jQuery Plugins

jQuery is very much there on the web nowadays, more than 40% websites are using it. It enables the developers to create stunning effects without writing tons of codes. Designers and developers from across the globe are continuously offering incredible jQuery plugins. […]

75 Breathtaking Photos With Awesome Creativity

Breathtaking photos with awesome creativity you never seen before. If you are looking to add some photographs with amazing creativity and inspiration to your life, you probably need to check our creative photographs that inspires you to create something creative and original. […]

40 Creative Origami Logo Designs

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of folding paper into shapes representing different things such as certain animals or flowers etc. This word ‘Origami’ means ‘paper folding’. It is a very delicate art which requires a lot of hard work and practice. Origami is a much loved and praised art form, thus inspiration people to use it in many different types of projects. Origami logos are logos inspired from this art. […]

Social Media in Action : Comprehensive Guide for Architecture, Engineering, Planning and Environmental Consulting Firms / Amanda Walter & Holly Berkley

Social Media in Action : Comprehensive Guide for Architecture, Engineering, Planning, and Environmental Consulting Firms is, first and foremost, a how-to guide. Using facts, figures and a wide range of research to back up its claims, the book lays out exactly how Architecture firms can get the most bang out of their social media buck.

K House / D.I.G Architects

A small house located on a steep slanting slope. The client simply wanted a life with a blessing of nature nearby and the beautiful townscape in distant.

Small House On a Hillside by Vladimír Balda

This small shed-roofed house is at the edge of a suburban area in the Czech Republic. It sits on a steep slope facing to the north. Architect Vladimír Balda designed it with a “reverse floor plan”, putting the living area on the upper floor in order to give it a southern exposure. The lower floor was dug into the hillside so that there could be direct walk-out access from the upper floor living room via large glass doors leading to the south-side patio. […]